The best way to help getting a mortgage approval is to be prepared with the required documents.  Documentation is a critical component in supporting your mortgage application.  Here are some industry-wide accepted standards based on your individual situation.   

Document checklist for mortgage applications:

There are different documents required based on your employment classification and the details of the mortgage you are applying for.  Here are the “must haves” regardless of your mortgage request:

  • Two (2) most recent years CRA Notice of Assessments. *
  • Two (2) most recent years income T-slips (i.e., T4, T4A, T4A OAS etc.) *
  • Two (2) most recent years full T-1 Generals (only required if you are self-employed or own rental properties) *
  • Two (2) valid forms of identification – one must include a photo. *

(Documents with a are also required for a mortgage pre-approval)

Based on the type of mortgage, you may require additional documents including:

  • Three (3) months bank statements showing source of Real Estate transaction funds -down payment and closing costs (for purchases)
  • Most recent mortgage statement (for refinances and purchases where the source of down payment is from the sale of an existing home)
  • Most recent property tax statement (for refinances)
  • Copy of lease agreements (for rental properties)
  • Articles of Incorporation (for applicants who are self-employed through their corporation)
  • Master Business License/HST return (for applicants who are self-employed but not incorporated)
  • Copy of all Purchase Sale Agreements (for new property and for old property if applicable)
  • Copy of Broker MLS for purchased property.

What documents do I need for a pre-approval?

All the documents mentioned above are essential for a mortgage approval. 

For a pre-approval, please refer to the documents mentioned above with an asterisk.  Providing these items up-front will allow your Mortgage Broker to conduct a more comprehensive review and to properly advise you on your ability to obtain a mortgage.  Being prepared up front makes the process faster and easier so you don’t miss out on that dream house!

When planning to purchase or refinance, there are lots of online resources available.  Check out our great mortgage calculator to help you understand how much mortgage you can afford.  Please download our My Mortgage Planner app.  It has tons of useful information from land transfer tax estimators to online pre-approvals. 

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