In recent years, Ontario residents have turned to private mortgages as an alternative to traditional lending institutions, and the trend is only growing. Financial services regulators report a surge in private mortgage requests from individuals struggling to secure loans through banks and credit unions. This development is due, in part, to stricter lending requirements implemented by traditional lenders following the economic downturn. However, the rise of private mortgages offers borrowers and private lenders more flexibility, faster access to funding, and potentially attractive interest rates.

A Flexible Option for Borrowers

Private mortgages are loans funded by private individuals or companies rather than traditional financial institutions. Private lenders are generally more lenient in their lending requirements and can offer more personalized loan terms. For instance, private lenders may be willing to lend to borrowers with low credit scores or who are self-employed, whereas traditional lenders may decline such applications. Borrowers who cannot meet the strict lending requirements of banks or credit unions regularly often turn to private lenders as flexible financing options.
The flexibility of private mortgages allows borrowers to secure funding quickly, which can be critical in emergencies or when investing in time-sensitive opportunities. Sometimes, private lenders can provide approval in as little as 24 hours. In contrast, traditional lenders may take significantly longer to review applications and complete the approval process.

A High-Yield Investment for Lenders

Private mortgages offer investors attractive returns compared to low-risk investments like savings accounts. Private lenders earn interest on their loans, which can range from 9 to 12 percent or higher, depending on the risk and duration of the loan. Additionally, private mortgages are secured by a property or asset, which reduces the risk of default for the lender.
Moreover, private mortgages can diversify a lender’s investment portfolio and provide a steady passive income stream. Private lenders can invest in a single mortgage or spread their investment across multiple mortgages, depending on their investment goals.
As with any investment, there are risks associated with private mortgages from a lender’s perspective. Private lenders take on higher risk than traditional lenders, as private mortgages are typically made to borrowers who do not qualify for bank loans due to credit or income issues. If a borrower defaults on their loan, the private lender may face challenges in recovering their investment, as the property may not be worth the loan amount. Moreover, private mortgages are not federally insured, so private lenders may not have the same legal protections as traditional lenders in case of mortgage default. Therefore, it is crucial for private lenders to perform due diligence on borrowers and the property before investing and to work with an experienced lawyer or mortgage broker to fully understand and mitigate the risks involved.

Attractive Interest Rates for Borrowers

Borrowers may find private mortgages more affordable than traditional alternative lenders, making them an attractive financing option. However, it is essential to note that private mortgage interest rates are higher than those of traditional lenders, as they compensate private lenders for the increased risk they take on.
Borrowers can choose loan terms that suit their financial goals, making private mortgages flexible and customizable. Moreover, private mortgages offer borrowers more options for loan terms. For example, private lenders may offer adjustable or fixed interest rates, longer repayment terms, and interest-only payments. Alternatively, borrowers may pre-pay the monthly payment to improve cash flow.
From a borrower’s perspective, there are also risks associated with private mortgages. Private mortgages often have higher interest rates than traditional lenders, resulting in higher monthly payments and overall debt. Additionally, private mortgages often have shorter repayment terms than traditional mortgages, meaning borrowers will need to make larger payments in a shorter period. Moreover, private mortgages may have more stringent terms and conditions than traditional mortgages, such as higher penalties for prepayment or refinancing. Borrowers should ensure they can comfortably afford the mortgage payments before signing on to avoid defaulting on their loans.
Borrowers should carefully review the terms and conditions of any private mortgage agreement and work with a reputable private lender and mortgage broker to fully understand and mitigate the risks involved.


The rise of private mortgages in Ontario is a positive development for borrowers and private lenders alike. Private mortgages offer more flexible financing options for borrowers who cannot meet the strict lending requirements of traditional lenders.
Additionally, private mortgages provide attractive investment opportunities for private lenders seeking higher returns than conventional low-risk investments. Borrowers benefit from faster access to funding, lower interest rates, and more personalized loan terms. Meanwhile, private lenders benefit from attractive investment returns, diversification of their investment portfolios, and a steady stream of passive income.
As the trend towards private mortgages grows, it is essential to understand the risks and benefits involved. Borrowers should assess their financial goals and risk tolerance before considering a private mortgage. In contrast, private lenders should perform due diligence on the borrower and the property before investing. Overall, private mortgages provide an attractive and flexible financing option that benefits both borrowers and private lenders.

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