This year, the Fall looks slightly different. Many people continue to work from home or move to a work-at-home position. To maintain your productivity, here are a few tips for making your workspace at home more productive!

Establish Boundaries

One key component of being more productive at home is establishing proper boundaries between work and personal life. While not all of us at home have space for a dedicated home office, it helps create a dedicated area in your house, such as your kitchen table. In addition to having a dedicated physical space to create boundaries, establishing when it is time to focus on work versus switching off for the day is vital. Establishing norms such as time and location can make a big difference in ensuring productivity, but make sure to discuss communication norms with your manager and team.

Create a Routine

Routines are essential for individuals who are used to an office setting and whose mornings would consist of showering, breakfast and commuting. When the commute is off the table, it is just as essential to maintaining a good morning routine – even if you have the option of more flexible hours. Determine what works best to keep you focused and engaged and maintain that routine throughout the week.


When working at home, you have to account for your immediate space and the general environment. Using your kitchen table as a desk can be distracting when your sink is messy or the carpet needs vacuuming. Be sure to keep your house as decluttered and tidy as possible to prevent mid-day distractions and to clear your mind to better focus on work-related tasks.

Take Breaks

It can be a little more challenging to maintain our lunch hour at home – or take breaks at all! And when we do, often these breaks are little more than scrolling through social media. While taking breaks is vital, a productive break is even more so. Consider reading relevant articles to give you some inspiration, making a home-cooked meal or taking a walk around your block for a more restful break.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Are you working in an old wooden kitchen chair or lack proper wrist support? Upgrading your equipment is a big step towards being more productive in a home. If you’re going to be sitting all day, investing in a comfortable, supportive desk chair that won’t leave you feeling achy will make a huge difference! Having enough desk space to work comfortably is important. Include ergonomic support where applicable for an even more comfortable and productive work-at-home experience.