Thinking About Purchasing a Vacation Property in the Niagara Region?

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If you’re thinking of purchasing a vacation property in the Niagara Region – don’t wait!  Summertime is a time for a vacation!  Summers in the Niagara region only last two months, three if we’re lucky.  The bright mornings, warm breeze and fresh air makes us want to leave our cubicles and get out into the sunlight.  It’s also a great time of year to enjoy holidays with family and friends.  Some of our fondest memories as children are the summers spent playing outside.  Remember swimming in the lake and eating hamburgers and watermelon on the deck?  Purchasing a vacation property might be attainable.

As adults, the nostalgia for the carefree days of ‘summers at the cottage’ can make the prospect of purchasing a vacation property seem very appealing.  By comparison, throwing money away on potentially expensive holidays and trinket souvenirs can seem like the less sensible of the two options.

The trend to invest in real estate is growing as more and more Canadians own more than one property.  However, this is not a decision you should take lightly or make impulsively.  It’s important to do your homework first, to make sure you’re making a smart financial choice.  Here’s a great article we found on the subject.

Rates are very competitive and now might be a great time to draw equity out of your principle residence for a down payment on the vacation property of your dreams.  Connect with us if  you’d like to discuss this option further.

Before you buy vacation property here are a few things to consider – also please check out our vacation homes page:

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