Study Shows Small Town Canadians are Happier

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Guest Blog | 0 comments

By Alvir Tanghal – Global News

A popular Canadian lifestyle reflecting a life that entails landing a well-paying job in a major city, living there, and sustaining a high cost living with stressful commutes is losing its appeal as the cost of living is proving to be a cost too high to sustain for most.
Studies conducted by researchers of the Economics department at the University of British Columbia and McGill studied and analyzed the happiness of people across Canada. The researchers came to the conclusion that people that live in rural areas are happier than urban dwellers.
The research took responses from surveying 400,000 Canadians across hundreds of identifiable communities across Canada. From the population examined, the least happy fifth of the communities was several times higher than the density of the happiest fifth of the communities.
Identical contributors to the happiest communities included factors such as more affordable housing and shorter commute times. As high-paying jobs downtown are not keeping up with the extreme costs of living and housing costs, alternatives are worth considering.
The study implies that places that have lower density levels and lower house prices tend to have higher levels of happiness. Residents in areas such as Niagara Falls and Saint Catherines reflect the claims conducted in the study with an abundance of happy residents and fruitful communities that enjoy the luxuries of affordable housing and growing infrastructure.

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