Live The Retirement Lifestyle You Want

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Reverse Mortgage | 0 comments

Too many retirees restrict themselves from doing the things they truly enjoy, because they believe they do not have enough saved to live the retirement lifestyle they pictured.

What they often forget is that their golden years are meant to be enjoyed, and the ones who live the fullest and happiest retirements are those who embrace it! Whether it’s enjoying the company of friends at your favourite restaurant, providing family with an early inheritance, purchasing a vacation property, or even making a few home renovations. In many cases, these are not just monetary investments, but investments in you.

Throughout my career, I have helped clients just like you live the fulfilling lifestyle they spent years working towards – and this has been made possible with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage!

This unique financial tool offers many benefits that no other product can offer. A CHIP Reverse Mortgage allows you to access up to 55%* of the equity in your home, tax-free and without the burden of payments.

The money you receive can be used in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Eliminating debt repayments
  • Increasing your monthly cash flow
  • Helping a child or grandchild
  • Early (Living) inheritance
  • Pay for unexpected health care costs
  • Dream vacations
  • And more!

I understand that making any large financial decision requires a lot of thought and conversations with those closest to you. I have found that involving your family early on often leads to a better outcome.

To help this conversation along, I have plenty of resources about reverse mortgages that I will be happy to share with you and your family. Please feel free to email me or give me a call anytime, and I’ll be happy to help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve!

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