ILRNE: Luxury Real Estate Experts Cam And Raiana Schwenker

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Steve Dainard speaks with Cam and Raiana Schwenker from McGarr Real Estate. They talk about the status of the Niagara market, which brought them to the industry, and what they do to prosper in the local luxury market. 

Cam & Raiana are 2 of the top luxury Realtors in the Niagara area. They live and breathe Real Estate. They both have experience with land development, customer home building and investing in real estate.

Cam brings a strong background in sales and business, combined with skills in graphic design. He enjoys using cutting-edge technology to give his clients every advantage possible.

Raiana has a lifetime of education in real estate. Her mother, Sally McGarr founded McGarr, the only independent brokerage in Niagara. Raiana loves to build relationships, solve problems and to make use of her interior design skills.

Neighbourhoods Served

  • Old Town NOTL
  • North-End St. Catharines
  • Port Dalhousie
  • Old Glenridge
  • Downtown St. Catharines
  • St. Davids

Key Points

    • We are confident with the whole region. We have helped clients out across the entire area. From Fort Erie to Grimsby.
    • We naturally gravitate towards the desirable locations to live within the city. You know you got your Vansickle the West-End area and, North-Ends and St. Catherines area, and old Glen Richy.
    • Location location location. Some people love the house but have some trepidation about having a Realtor who can tell you about the coffee shop, what the lifestyle is like, insider info about the house, etc. which can go a long way.Old Glenrich and North-End haven’t physically changed that much, but there’s been a lot of price changes and a lot of people goingto thoughts homes.
    • We see lots of attraction going to Glenrich, Old Town, Downtown, and Niagara on the Lake. People want the waterfront without paying like they would in Toronto.
    • The Go Train should increase prices and bring in more money to the area.
    • If you ever wanted to start a niche business, now is the time in Niagara. Unlike Toronto, you can open up a specialty store and not have to compete with 50 other stores.
    • Even with a slowdown in the market, we still see an 8-10% growth.
    • Niagara has always had a steady market.
    • Prices are going to rise again, and when that train becomes a little bit more real, it will happen at a quick rate.
    • One of the downfalls of people coming in our market using Toronto Realtors is they don’t know the area and don’t have access to the same statistics that the local Realtors have.
    • We look at every problem like a huge opportunity to go above and beyond for your client for whatever the issue is and come out way better than on the opposite if that problem never happened.
    • Problem-solving and outside the box thinking is our greatest asset, and that is what helps sets us apart from other Realtors.
    • We consider any property in the city worth more than $700,000 to be a luxury property.
    • We have affiliated networks with some of the biggest luxury sites on the internet to help attract buyers from all over the world.
    • We like to do professional videography & photography, and online email blast campaigns. Based on the property value, we will scale the marking accordingly.
    • Make sure your luxury Realtor knows the business, knows the area, and is confident and comfortable selling & buying that home for you.

Drone Video Home Tour of a Million Dollar Luxury Home For Sale…

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